Large, Non-resonant, Intensity Dependent Refractive Index of 4-dialkylamino-4-nitro-diphenyl-polyene Side Chain Polymers in Waveguides

M. B. Marques, G. Assanto, G. I. Stegeman, G. R. Mohlmann, E. W. P. Erdhuisen, and W. Horsthuis

Appl. Phys. Lett. 58, 2613-2615 (1991)


We report the experimental evaluation of the intensity-dependent index of refraction of a new class of third order nonlinear materials, side chain polymers containing 4-dialkylamino-4-nitro-stilbene and 4-dialkylamino-4-nitro-diphenylbutadiene as side groups. The measurements, based on nonlinear grating coupling into planar waveguides with 30 ps pulses at 1.064 Ám, showed large electronic nonresonant n2 Kerr coefficients.