Excitation of stable transverse wavepackets with quadratic and cubic susceptibilities

A. De Rossi, G. Assanto, S. Trillo, and W. E. Torruellas

Opt. Commun. 150, 390-398 (1998)


We have identified a family of (2+1)D spatial solitary waves which can stably propagate in bulk media in the presence of coexisting diffraction, self-focusing Kerr and quadratic nonlinearities. In a conspicuous range of excitation conditions close to the stationary solutions, the emerging wavepackets are immune to the detrimental occurrence of filamentation and collapse, typical of pure Kerr media. The presence of a second-order contribution to the cubic nonlinear response is, therefore, able to prevent optical damage in applications relying on self-guidance. We show that the cross-phase modulation plays an important effect on stability. Our estimate shows that the effects of the cubic susceptibility cannot be neglected below a certain beam size in realistic crystals (e.g. KTP or similar).