Theory of Pulsed Excitation of Nonlinear Distributed Prism Couplers

G. Assanto, R. M. Fortenberry, C. T. Seaton, and G.I. Stegeman

J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 5, 432-442 (1988)


The coupling of high-power optical pulses into integrated -optics waveguides exhibiting nonlinearities is treated theoretically. A general result is that the coupling efficiency varies with pulse energy. Furthermore, the output pulses are distorted relative to the input pulses. For input pulses symmetric in time about their peak amplitude, the output pulses are asymmetric and symmetric for nonlinearities with turn-off times slower and faster, respectively, than the pulse width. Coupling efficiency and pulse distortion are also evaluated for interference between slow and fast nonlinearities of opposite sign. Finally, the dependence of the temporal pulse profile on the ratio of the pulse width to nonlinearity relaxation time is examined.