Multiple switching and fast effects in NL-prism coupling to sharp-cut filter glass waveguides

G. Assanto, C. T. Seaton, and G. I. Stegeman

J. Physics D: Appl. Phys. 21, S164-S166 (1988)


Prism coupling was used to investigate the non-linear properties of semiconductor ?doped glass slab waveguides. Experimental data show a dramatic reduction in the coupling efficiency, accompanied by asymmetries and multiple all-optical switching. Up to five distinct peaks were observed within a single Gaussian envelope, confirming the validity of a traveling wave interaction model. The non-monotonic behaviour of output versus incident pulse energies is interpreted in terms of interference between Kerr and absorptive non-linearities. Finally, the presence of band-filling non-linearities has been confirmed using a picosecond laser source.