High Efficiency Photodetectors Based On High Quality Epitaxial Germanium Grown On Silicon Substrates

H.-C. Luan, K. Wada, L. C. Kimerling, G. Masini, L. Colace, and G. Assanto

Opt. Mater. 17, 71-73 (2001)


We demonstrate Ge/Si heterojunction photodetectors based on high quality epitaxial Germanium grown on Silicon. Germanium deposited by UHV-CVD undergoes thermal annealing cycles which reduce the number of dislocations and, thus, improve the overall quality. The photodetectors exhibit record responsivity of 0.55 A/W and a sub-ns photoresponse at 1.3Ám. We describe the fabrication process as well as a complete optoelectronic characterization of the devices.