Nonlinear AlGaAs waveguide for the generation of counterpropagating twin photons in the telecom range

M. Ravaro, Y. Seurin, S. Ducci, G. Leo, V. Berger, A. De Rossi, and G. Assanto

J. Appl. Phys. 98, 063102 (2005)


We have designed and fabricated a set of AlGaAs multilayer waveguides, which can serve as a source of entangled photons at 1.55 m through parametric fluorescence. In our scheme two counterpropagating, orthogonally polarized signal/idler modes are nonlinearly generated by a pump wave impinging on the upper surface of the waveguide. To check the compliance with design specifications on phase-matching wavelength and parametric gain, we have systematically measured effective indices and surface-emitting second-harmonic generation, respectively. This characterization allowed us to single out a nominal sample with optimum performances, which we numerically modeled for counterpropagating parametric fluorescence. We predict a pair generation efficiency 410-13 (signal photons per pump photon). For a 1 W (peak), 100 ns pump pulse at normal incidence, this corresponds to about 14 photons per dark count with state-of-the-art avalanche photodiodes.