Transverse nonlinear optics in Heavy Metal Oxide Glass

A. Pasquazi, S. Stivala, G. Assanto, J. Gonzalo and J. Solis

Phys. Rev. A 77, 043808 (2008)


We investigate beam propagation in a novel Heavy Metal Oxide glass of the group Nb2_O5-Pb_O-Ge_O2 using picosecond pulses in the near infrared. We observe a wavelength-dependent self-focusing, with beam collapse and modulation instability in the Kerr regime at 1.064 Mum and stable spatial solitons at 820 nm where multiphoton absorption is present. We report for the first time near-infrared beam self-confinement and solitons, filamentation, interactions and conical emission in the ps regime and discuss them with the aid of a numerical model.