Near-Infrared p-i-n Ge-on-Si Photodiodes for Silicon Integrated Receivers

L. Colace, G. Assanto, D. Fulgoni and L. Nash

J. Lightwave Techn. 26, 2954-2959 (2008)


We investigate and characterize p-i-n near-infrared photodiodes fabricated in Ge-on-Si by reduced-pressure chemical vapor deposition, a technology compatible with silicon processing. The detectors exhibit remarkably low dark current densities of 1 mA/cm^2 at unity reverse bias and high responsivities of 200 mA/W at 1.55 Mum. We evaluated their small-signal resistance, capacitance, and bandwidth as well as eye-diagram at 2.5 and 10 Gbit/s.