Accessible ligth bullets via Synergetic Nonlinearities

I. B. Burgess, M. Peccianti, G. Assanto and R. Morandotti

Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 203903 (2009)


We introduce a new form of stable spatiotemporal self-trapped optical packets stemming from the interplay of local and nonlocal nonlinearities. Pulsed self-trapped light beams in media with both electronic and molecular nonlinear responses are addressed to prove that spatial and temporal effects can be decoupled, allowing for independent tuning. We numerically demonstrate that (3+1)D light bullets and antibullets, i.e., bright and dark temporal solitons embedded in stable (2+1)D nonlocal spatial solitons, can be generated in reorientational media under experimentallly feasible conditions.