Germanium on insulator near-infrared photodetectors faricated by layer transfer

V. Sorianello, A. De Iacovo, L. Colace, G. Assanto, D. Fulgoni, L. Nash and M. Palmer

Thin Solid Films 518, 2501 (2010)


We report on novel pn Ge photodetectors fabricated on glass. The fabrication consist of wafer bonding and layer splitting, followed by a low-temperature epitaxial growth of Ge. The photodiodes are characterized in terms of dark current and responsivity, and their performance compared with devices on either Ge on Si. The minimum current density is 50 MuA/cm^2 at 1 V reverse bias, the responsivity is 0.2 A/W in the photovoltaic mode, with a maximum of 0.28 AW at 1.55 Mum at a reverse voltage of 5 V.