Germanium on Glass: A novel platform for light sensing devices

L. Colace, V. Sorianello, G. Assanto, D. Fulgoni, L. Nash and M. Palmer

IEEE Photon. J. 2 (5), 686-95 (2010)


Using layer transfer and wafer bonding followed by epitaxial regrowth, we design,realize, and characterize a novel generation of Germanium-on-Glass (GoG) near-infrared light sensors. In particular, we demonstrate GoG p-n junction photodetectors and GoG solar cells. In terms of performance, GoG junctions compare well with Germanium (Ge) structures on either Ge or Si. The photodiodes show a minimum dark current density of 50 MuA/cm^2 at 1 V reverse voltage and a maximum sensitivity of 280 mA/W at 1.55 Mum and 5 V bias; the solar cells exhibit conversion efficiencies as high as 2.41\% and fill factors of 53\%, similar to structures grown on crystalline Ge substrates.