Near infrared photodetectors based on colloidal quantum dots

At the moment, this is our main investigation topic. This research is focused on design, realization and characterization of infrared photodetectors based on lead sulphide (PbS) colloidal quantum dots (CQD). We aim at the development of devices for NIR detection for general applications, gas and fire sensing. In all these fields, we exploit the optical and electrical properties of the CQDs such as size-dependent optical absorption and outsanding sensitivity due to quantum confinement. We focus on: optimization of the characteristics of the semiconductor material, design and realization of different kind of photodetectors (phototransistors, photodiodes, photoconductors), characterization of both the material and the devices and development of tailored readout systems and electronics. At the moment, we are also studying a multi-wavelength detectors for spectroscopy.

EU project ACTPHAST P2014-59


Sensichips LTD


Lorenzo Colace, Andrea De Iacovo

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