Optical countermeasures for defense and security

This research topic is dedicated to the development of devices and systems for the safety of humanitarian and military convoys and to protect them from the threat of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). In particular, the greatest part of this activity has been developed in the frame of a project funded by the Italian Ministry of Defense. The project aims to the realization of an infrared image projector, based on laser sources, for the predetonation of explosives activated by passive infrared sensors (PIR). We take care of the theoretical development of the systems, of its design and of the realization and characterization of a demonstrator.

Ministero della Difesa-PNRMa2013-014
Progetto Incentivazione di Ateneo Roma Tre 2015


Lorenzo Colace, Andrea De Iacovo, Armando Piccardi

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